August 22, 2013

Meet the Neighbors

I just couldn't resist posting pics of these cute gals.

 I have a field on each side of my home with cows. One side is the milkers and the other side the Farmer has his young bulls and heifers. Their not in the same field all the time. The farmer does rotates them to 3 different fields.
Some don't like to miss a thing.
Believe it or not. I have a field day with them. They come running when they see me. They follow me when I walk up and down the yard. They like to be petted and hand fed. I know it sounds pretty sad that. I figured it all out one day when I need a break from
They love to have their pictures taken.

Some are just too cute
I  wonder why they have a tag in each ear. You would think that one would be enough but I guess the farmer wanted his gals to be stylin. The cow with tag 388 is my favorite. She is usually the first one to come to me. I need to give her name because 388 just doesnt cut it. What does she remind you of?

I wish I had a pic of the young bull that I feed. All I have to do is whistle and yell come on and he comes running for his snack most of the time. Then he lets my rub his nose and sometimes if Im lucky I get to feel his little horns.
Some are shy
Let me tell you There is nothing like being licked by a cow. It's like your dog licking your hand after drinking a large bowl of water but its tongues is huge. Its rather

                                                                              ~♥~ Patti


The Moonlit Stitch said...

OMG Patti! I WANT A COW PET! I LOVE THEM! You need a t-shirt: "Plays With Cows" (and "runs with scissors" on the back LOL!). 388 looks like a Brown Sugar to me. This is the best post - thanks for sharing! MOOOOooo♥ Lisa

Margaret said...

Now those are just the best neighbors EVER! I would name one Mrs. Kravitz--if you remember the show BEWITCHED, she had a nosy neighbor named Mrs. Kravitz who was always spying and watching and gossiping! Hahahaha anyway I am a huge cow lover. Wish I could have one in my backyard but it would be frowned up in the subdivision!! I'm lucky we can a few chickens! Maggie