May 28, 2011

~Just The Beginning~

Went to a few yard sales this morning with hubby and my daughter. I found some items to put in my Fall/Halloween room. I found this new web basket for 25 cents. Still has the tag on it. This thing was just screaming for me to buy it.
spiders in a web basket
I also found this cubby shelf thingy to hang on the wall. It was $2.00. I just had to have it when I saw it.
Then after I brought it home. I gave it a make over to go in my daring Fall/Halloween room.
I'm still not done with it yet. I still  have to distress it. I did change my mind on painting the furniture this color. I'm going to stick to painting the table and chair black with an oak top. My black and cream material for the seats I bought a while back
chair fabric
I'll just use the purple to accent with but hubby wants me to at least paint one piece of furniture purple. I also painted a lid to one of my jar I already had purple.
I still have some work to do to it. I would like to stencil a star or a pumpkin on top and distress it.Isn't the jar going to look cute with candy corn and pumpkins in it.

I have decided to use burgundy,orange,mustard and green in my room. All the color of Fall. The main color for my furniture is going to be black. Still trying to decide if I want the walls to be an off white.

I also decides to use some curtains that I already have. I think they'll fit in pretty good. They have most of all the colors I'm decorating with. If I don't like them after I get the room done. I'll just have to find me the perfect one then.
fall room curtains

I also wanted to share some of my other yard sale finds.
cutting board
hurricane base
brand new king size bedspread
fabric 10 cents
2 napkins
a runner
my first Raggedy doll $1.00
It was 25 cents ~not sure what it really is.
some bottles
large star bowl

Before I end my post tonight. I wanted to share a picture of my Black Velvet Petunias. I have never seen this color until this year. So I just had to buy them.

                                             Prim Blessings,

May 27, 2011

~Summer Project~

I am going to redecorate my dining room. That means everything gets a new look. Even ALL the furniture. I am going to decorate it with thrift store and antique finds. Maybe hit up a few garage sales. I'll make most of it myself. If  I buy anything new. It will probably be an area rug and curtains. Here is the kicker. I am decorating the room in a Fall/Halloween theme. Yes I said Fall and Halloween is our favorite time of the year. I'll share one of my colors with you today. I'll reveal the other colors as I go.
My first color is Canadian Black Raspberry.

My color sample in person is a lot darker. My picture doesn't do it much justice. I'm going to paint a trial piece this weekend to see if I want to paint anything else this color. If I like it. I'm going to paint my dining room table and chairs. The table legs will be the only thing painted. My table top is going to be stained a light oak. Then I'll have to find a fabric to coordinate with it to reupholster the seats on the chairs.

I know it doesnt seem very primitive but I think I can pull it off. Plus purple is my favorite color. This is going to be soooo much fun.
I would love to hear any suggestions you have.

                      Prim Blessings,

May 22, 2011

We Have a Winner!

Congratulations to Kat of Primitive Echoes. She is the lucky winner of my Sweet Annie Giveaway. I used to pick my number. It choose #24. Kat was lucky #24. Kat wrote: "What a great first giveaway. I would love to be entered. I am a new follower. I will post it on my sidebar. I should get busy with my first one as well. Kat"
I want to thank everyone who entered and became a new follower. I really appreciate it. I had so much fun doing my first giveaway that I have decided to do another one in June. So keep your eyes open for my new giveaway happening in June.
                                                         Prim Blessings,

May 21, 2011


Just a few days ago was my son's 18th birthday. I wasnt able to get a picture of him but I did today. Tonight is his Senior Prom. So I told him I had to take pictures of him and Haley. I mean I took a lot of pictures.
Aren't they an adorable couple. He looks so handsome in his suit and she looks so beautiful in her gown.
Hard to believe my little boy is all grown up.

                                         Prim Blessings,
Ryan & Haley

Such adorable couple

May 19, 2011

~Woo Hoo! I got my funk back~

Well it took me a little bit of time to be my funk is back but I think it was well worth the It took me 2 day to complete them but I did it! I still need to do some tweeking but other than that. I'm pretty happy with how they turned out. I never really follow a pattern. I usually make up my own steps as I go. I used the free pattern from Tennessee Ridge Primitives to make these. I just love her patterns.                                                 Just out of curiosity.I want to sell them at the flea market. How much should I ask for them? 

                                              Prim Blessings,

stocking 1
close up of stocking 1
stocking 2
close up of stocking 2
stocking 3
close up of stocking 3
all 3 together

May 18, 2011

~Another Birthday~

Today is my sons 18th birthday! Hard to believe that my little boy has grown into such a fine young man. It just seems like yesterday I was bringing  him home from the hospital. I wish he would let me take a picture of him but he hates having his picture taken. It must be a guy Well I am official done with the kids birthday until October.  Now I can somewhat breathe. All  I have left is prom and graduation.

             Happy 18th Birthday Ryan!!!!!!

                                 Prim Blessings,

May 17, 2011

~Deftones At Sonar~

Last night for Doug's birthday, we went to the Sonar in Baltimore,MD to see "The Deftones" in concert.Their opening act was "The Dillinger Escape Plan". Let me tell you, Both band kicked some serious butt last night. It was better than I expected. Doug has always wanted to see them in concert. So that was the perfect present for him.  Let me tell you, that was an experience. Everyone in the club was bouncing off the walls. It was crazy. Plus hot as hell It must of been 100 degrees or more in there.
I wish I had some decent pictures to share but all of them are a little blurry from all the bright lights. I had some video that we took but I'll spare you all from the loudness. It was so loud that I am actually starting to get all my hearing back. Its still a little cloudy. It may have been loud and hot but we had one hell of a time last night.
Happy Birthday Doug!!!!

Prim Blessings,

May 16, 2011

~Friendly Reminder~

Just a little friendly reminder to let you know that my giveaway will be ending May 20th. So hurry up and sign up if  you haven't already. 

                         Prim Blessings,

May 11, 2011

~Any Ideas~

Have you ever had a time in your life where you felt like your stuck in a rut? I am there right now. I can not get any motivation to do anything. I do my daily thing like laundry, dishes,take the kids to and pick them up from school,vacuum,and so on. I have been trying to make crafts. All I do is just sit there and feel totally clueless. I have even been having a hard time blogging. I wish I could figure out what the heck is a wrong with me.
Have you ever been in my situation and if so, What did you do to get out of it?

Peek-a-Boo! I see you

May 7, 2011

~My First Giveaway!~

I am so excited to be doing my first giveaway. It's just a little way to say thanks to all of you that have visited my blog and have left me such heartwarming comments. I am giving away 50-12" stems of Sweet Annie.(wooden rake not included)

Now on to the RULES of the giveaway:

1. You must be a follower of my blog. New followers are welcome.
2. You must leave a comment on this post only.
3. You can post to your blogs sidebar if you desire. Please let me know if you do this.
4. You must be a USA or Canadian resident.
5. Deadline for entries will be May 20th. The winner will be announced May 22nd.
I'm going to make it simple. One entry per person.
Good luck to those who enter.

             Prim Blessings,

May 5, 2011

~Hard to Believe~

     Today is my youngest daughters, Nikki birthday.

          Happy 15th Birthday Nikki!!