April 27, 2012


Lisa from The Moonlit Stitch and I just did a personal swap. As always Lisa has spoiled me again with all her awesome creations and gifts. Be prepared for a picture overload....lol
Just wanted to share how awesome here berries looked out of the cute hanging basket.
Isnt his beehive just the cutest!
Cant have a bear without a big beehive.
I love her fabric birds and so do my cats.....lol
This is gonna look so cute in my kitchen.
Endless possibilities for this one.

I love these flowers.
she will look perfect in my livingroom.

These were so funny.

Cant go wrong with black cats.

some yummy smelling goodies.

Her kitties turned out so good. Im not sure but I think the kitties are made from her patterns she created.
Im gonna have to start collecting green transfer ware.

love this!

Sleepy Sam is gonna fit in perfect with my Americana summer theme.

I cant wait to make a faux mirror out of this.

Cant wait to hang this.

Lisa sent Nikki the zombie cup with an eyeball pencil. We had so much fun playing with it. It makes all kinds of spooky sounds.
I just would like to Thank Lisa from the bottom of my heart! I love everything. Now comes the fun part. I get  to do some tweaking to my home with all my new goodies.

                        Prim Blessings,

April 13, 2012

Blogger is really ticking me off!!!!!

Is there anyone else out there having problems with their blog list? Ever since blogger has changed. I have not been able to to add or remove blogs from or to my blog list. This is very frustrating for me because I can only see so many blogs. That is why I haven't been posting or commenting lately. I'm actually having to make a folder in my bookmarks just so I can read my favorite blogs. That is pretty sad. Since I'm having to do that.  I'm just better of deleting my blog list. I just wish blogger could of left things alone!

I wish everyone a great weekend!

Prim Blessings,

April 2, 2012

What Can I Say......

I have the sweetest hubby. He has been so busy working his butt off the past few days on my stack of pallets. He built me this awesome primitive potting bench. I just love it.

Its 6' tall x 3' wide.
Side view

work surface
 I love the aged look of the potting bench. I think he did a damn good job of building it since he just went by the picture I found and what I told him what I wanted. He even made me a couple of boxes and a tray so far.


4 section box
2 section box
All 3 together
Even Pandora gave her seal of approval on the tray.  Hubby told me that he still had some more things he wanted to make for me since we still have a nice pile of pallet wood left. 

Now comes the fun part. I get to decorate the potting bench. When I get it decorated I'll make sure to post some pictures.

                               Prim Blessings,