June 29, 2011

~One of Top Ten ~

Sorry I haven't posted in a while. Just with everything going on. I just have been very busy. I did want to post my winnings. I was one of the top ten to sign up for Rhodes Creations giveaway and received this adorable quilted hand bag and some extra goodies from Laura.
Quilted Handbag

I just love the mustard yellow of the bag with the pink flowers embodied on it. The rainbow flowers just make it so perfect. Laura also gave me these other wonderful gifts which were in the bag.
Flower pen, Candle Capper and a booklet

Thank you so  much Laura! I just love all of it!

                       Prim Blessings,

~Another Giveaway Winnings~

I won 3rd place in Firecracker Kid Primitive Independence Day Giveaway. I won this really awesome stool form Carol. I just love it!
She also gave me these adorable gifts.
A sweet little notebook, awesome smelling cinnamon bun melts, and these 2 silhouettes. My daughter just feel in love with the silhouettes as soon as she saw them. So I told her we would hang them in her room. 
Everything is just so wonderful. Thank you so much Carol! I am so sorry that I am late on posting  my winnings.

                         Prim Blessings,

June 16, 2011

A New Work Space

Over the weekend, my hubby and I moved our oldest daughter upstairs to a bigger and better room. A room that actually has heat and ac. Her bedroom downstairs didn't have any of that, We had to use a space heater in the winter, which I wasn't really to thrilled about. We moved her into the family room which had doors. We never used it except maybe to throw my crafts and stuff in. It was becoming a junk room actually.
Since her room became vacant. I staked my claim on it. It is now my craft room and it took me about a week to get where it is today. I still have a lot of stuff that I can't fit in there. I have some of my crafts in the garage, a double closet and a storage space under the steps. I think I need to get crafting and quit buying for a while.....lol
Here are a few before pics:
looking in from the doorway
another view
another view that you can hardly see.
I hate that the room has dark paneling and a 2 tone carpet. I rather have a bright airy feeling room but what can I do, I just rent. I had all kinds of help while unpacking my room. I had a supervisor, She was a good one too. She didn't miss a thing.
Autumn hard at work

 Nap Time
She worked so hard watching me work.That she wore herself out. Poor baby!....lol
I even had 2 inspectors. They had to make sure everything was just right.
Pandora had to give everything that went on the table a once over. I kept her very busy.
Nekko and Pandora
Here is Nekko giving the floor a once over or maybe he was making sure I didn't drop any food.....lol
Nekko and Pandora on break
 They even worked in shifts. When Nekko and Pandora were napping, Autumn took over.
work space with a view
My room isn't totally done yet but I just had to share it. I'm making new curtains and a skirt for on the table to hide all my junk.                                   

I had a 4 x 4 peg board in the garage. I just painted it a light green color that I found at Wal Mart on the ooops shelf. I bought the paint last year but I forgot I had it. I got hubby to hang it for me.
bookcase,stencils,and cookie molds
  I still don't have all my craft books unpacked yet. I had to pack them away because I didn't have enough room for them.   
paint and more junk( I mean crafts)
  My MIL is going to give me a dresser so I can bring all my fabric down to my room. The dough table will find another home somewhere in the house.      
corner stand and a crate of picture frames and more junk (crafts)
my hutch and more stuff
Hubby thinks I need some more hanging room. So he is going to hang another piece of 4 x 4 peg board next week. I just have to get it painted. All that is missing is my sewing machine and my chair. I still have a few things I need to do. I'll post more pics as I get things done. I forgot to mention that Autumn started to bring her toys in as I was finishing up. So I guess I'm sharing my room with her....lol
Sorry about the long post.

                                        Prim Blessings,

June 10, 2011

~I Am So Excited~

Look what was waiting for me when I got home from work.
My giveaway winnings from Somewhere In The Middle. I felt like a kid on Christmas morning. I just couldn't wait to get it open....lol  Look what I found inside :)
I just love it. To be honest, I really couldn't get over how big it was. It was a lot bigger than I expected.
I took a picture of it on my little phone table. The framed print sitting behind it is an 8 x10.
I did this so you could get an idea of how larger it is.
Rachel was even more generous. She gave me 4 crows and 8 sunflowers salt dough ornies. I just love them. 

I already gave them a home with my hips n stixs and cinnamon rubbed candle. She really out did herself on everything. I just love everything.
From the bottom of my heart Rachel. I thank you so much. I appreciate everything you gave me.

                                    Prim Blessings,

~Firecracker Kid Primitives Awesome Giveaway!~

Carol over at Firecracker Kid Primitives is having an awesome giveaway. She is picking 3 winners on June 18th and annoucing the winners the following day.  As everyone knows,  Carol and her husband are very talented. So hurry on over to FKP and sign up today.

June 8, 2011

~Lets Give A Helping Hand!~

Lets give Laura over at Rhodes Creations a helping  hand with her giveaway. All see needs is 14 more people to help with her giveaway.  Here is the awesome part. The winners will receive (1) tie-up or wrap around embroidered kitchen towel which will be made especially for them.Personalized and with the theme of choice. You can have a design and lettering both,or either. For this giveaway, She will just be doing wrap around or tie-up style towels.

So head on over and Sign up today.

June 5, 2011

~Some Weekend Goodies~

Saturday I didn't go to many yard sales. Maybe 3 to 4 at the most. I just wasn't really in the mood to go bargain hunting. How odd is that. Not in the mood to go bargain hunting. I guess you have those days.
Well I went to this one yard sale. She had 3 tables marked 25 cents each or 5 for $1.00. I took advantage of the 5 for $1.00. I got a greenhouse set and my daughter got a mug plus these other items for only $2.00.
candy dish
6 doilies  

round table cloth
I'm going to tea stain the doilies and table cloth. Then I found these other 2 items across the road.
I just love this little bench. Its even better when you find them unfinished. This will be going in my fall room. Wonder what color I will paint it. Hhhhhhmmmmm....
I also found this perfect rusty grater.
rusty grater
It is going to look so good in my kitchen. I love it when neighbors get together and have yard sales.
Up the road from my house was this big yard sale and I found these 2 items.

picture frame
I just bough this for the frame. It is already a mustard color and has black speck. All it needs is a little primitive touch. Print inside will find a new home.
pineapple mold

This pineapple mold was just yelling for me to buy it. It was screaming Pantry Cake. Isn't it going to make a beautiful pantry cake? I can't wait to make one. I'll share a pic as soon as I do. Which will hopefully be this week.
I also went to a antique mall with Julie today. I found some cute stuff. I love going to this one dealer booth. He has a bookcase full of $1.00 items and here is what I found on it today.
3 canning jars with metal lids
crayon box
other end of crayon box
humidor jar
and my other goodies were this little broom and a future shoo fly cover. I think the broom is so cute and it will look perfect hanging in my fall room.


future shoo fly cover
I hope you enjoyed my goodies I found this weekend.

I went to the flea market today to fill my shelving unit. My sales are really down. I just made enough to pay my rent with $6.00 to spare. I am going to pull out of the flea market.My last day is June 27th. Yard sales are really hurting the flea markets. I cant see wasting money on it if Im going to just make my rent.I don't have the extra money to spare.
When I was filling my shelves I notice something was missing from 2 of my creations.
Whats Missing?

They stole my rusty stars. So I brought them home with me. How petty is that to steal 2 rusty stars?
I just don't have any luck with selling in flea markets. I must have a sign saying "Please steal from Me!"on my booth that I just can't see. I actually think I might be done with flea markets for a while. I might try selling online. A selling blog or Etsy. I'm really not sure yet.
Thanks for stopping by.

                                         Prim Blessings,

June 3, 2011

~Prims By The Water Candy Sticks ~

These peppermint sticks are made from Liberty Candy with a picture of our founding father George Washington on each wrapper by Janice over at Prims By The Water.

For every one of Janice's followers who can bring over a new follower to her blog, she will give you her pattern FREE to make these peppermint sticks for yourself, including her secret to aging the paper (Oooo...I love secret prim-potions!).

New followers can also participate if they bring someone over. This SWEET giveaway will be open until June 17th, which will give everyone enough time to make these peppermint sticks to enjoy before July 4th....and like Janice says... the good thing about these candy sticks is that they have zero calories!

But that's not all! Every person who just wants to leave a comment on Janice's candy post without bringing a new follower over, will be entered into a drawing to be also held the night of June 17th. The winner of this drawing will receive 5 peppermint sticks in their choice of black/ white or color wrappers.  I KNOW!  You want to run over right now and enter, right?

                                                     Prim Blessings,

June 2, 2011


It is so hard to believe my son just graduated from Tech High on May 31. Him and his girlfriend Haley graduated together. What a special day.
Ryan & Haley 
Their graduation was held in the community college gym which had no fans or air conditioning. This place was hotter than the concert hubby and I went to. There were 216 seniors graduating that day. Largest graduating class so far.

                          Prim Blessings,