July 28, 2011

A Few Before and Afters

I just thought I would share a few makeovers that I did today.



On the stocking holders and Joy I used Rust-oleum hammered dark bronze. The basket I just spray painted it a satin hyacinth. I also primed a few things today for grunging.
ready for some grunging
I also repainted the photo holder. My only problem is I forgot to take a before picture. Let me tell you, it was all that pretty. It was silver. So I repainted the hammered dark bronze also.
As soon as I get more done. I'll make sure to post them.

                            Prim Blessings,

July 27, 2011

Christmas In July .....

Today I hit the mother load at the Salvation Army. They have so much Christmas stuff out. I found some really good buys and I lost a good buy :( I found this really cute snowman cookie jar still in the original box for $2.00. I took it out of the box to check it out. The lid had a funny sound to it when I pinged it. It was broken. You could hear the echo in the ping. I examined it and found that it had a huge crack down the middle on the inside of the head and some chips around the edge. The lady at the S.A was beside me when I was looking at it. She asked me if it was ok. I told her it was cracked inside the head. She took it from me and said she didnt want to sell it because she didnt want to sell a broken cookie jar. Oh Well! I'll just keep checking them out until I find one I like and not broken.
So let me show you all of my other goodies that I was lucky enough to find.
Brand new creamer and sugar set
12 Shower curtain hooks -4 of each
3 mantel stocking holders
wooden tree
cookie cutters
cookie cutters with the box top off
3 twig sprays
brand new in the box solid brass joy candle holders
2 odd candle holders
2 metal and wooden sconces
4 glass candleholders
4 small metal buckets and a set of wooden brackets
a mega mug with boxes
a pic to give you an idea of how big the mega mug is
a wooden pig

yellow wooden box

2 cutting boards

Backside of candle light new in box

front of candle light new in box

I think that is everything. I hope I didn't forget anything. Most of the items will be getting a new look. I'll have to post some pics after I get them done. A long with my many other make overs. Have a great evening!

                         Prim Blessings,

July 23, 2011

A Free Site for Selling Blogs Cont......

I guess I should of also mentioned that a blog with a selling page is also allowed or you can just sell a few  items on your blog. If you would like to do this. Just add a page to your blog and make it your selling page . Best thing about a selling page on your blog is that you can sell anything you want. You don't have to have a lot of item. You could just add your items as you make them. You can build a selling page at your own pace and it doesn't cost you anything plus your advertising would also be free. There is my favorite word again FREE......lol I know selling on Ebay can be expensive and Esty prices arent bad but you have to stick in their guide lines on what you sell.
I was also thinking that a lot of us have Facebook ,Twitter and Google +. We can place our selling blog button on there to get a boost in advertising. If you have any questions. Please feel free to email me at primitiveatheart@gmail.com.
Please read the post below.
                                           Prim Blessings,

July 22, 2011

A Free Site for Selling Blogs

I have been doing some serious thinking about starting my own selling blog. The only problem with a selling blog is there isn't a lot advertising. There really isn't a lot of different ways to advertise a selling blog either. With advertising being some what expensive. I have come up with a solution so everyone can advertise their selling blog for FREE. The only thing that I require is that you link back to your selling blog or blog. I have designed a site called Top 100 Selling Blogs. This is a place for ONLY selling blogs to advertise for FREE. I just love that word....FREE...lol
All you have to do is place a banner on the site to advertise your blog with a description of what you have for sell. It is so easy.
I would appreciate it if you check it out and let me know what you think.

Here is the link Top 100 Selling Blogs
Here is the button I would appreciate you to use to link to your selling blog. Well that is if you decide to advertise on the selling blog site.

I hope with doing the Top100 Selling Blogs helps to get the word out about all the blogs that have some of the most wonderful and talented artists offering their hand made and recreated works of art.

Just remember the more the site is visited. The higher we get in all the search engines. So if you join,make sure to visit at least once a day thru Top100 Selling Blogs.

                                                 Prim Blessings,

July 21, 2011

Some Salvation Army Findings.

Its been way too hot to adventure out lately but I had to take my daughter to the doctors and afterward we decided to hit up the Salvation Army. I found a few goodies. I have been wanting some more old spice jars and look what I found. Aren't they perfect to make potion bottles out of.
 The spice labels just peeled off  so easily. The price wasn't bad either. I also found these 2 cute scones.
I love how they look like a scoop.
 I'm thinking about giving them a black under coat with a burgundy or mustard yellow top coat with some distressing. What would you do with them?
I couldn't resist this wooden iron. I thought it would look perfect in the laundry room. Paint it black and distress it to make it look a little old.
I was even lucky enough to find these little candle holders. I'm not sure what Im going to do with these yet.

This basket was only 25 cents. Couldn't beat the price. This will come in handy to hold my pattern packets or a cat to sleep in. My bet would be on the cats. Since they pretty much took over my craft room making it their room.
See what I mean. Nekko just had to get into everything. He is so nosy. What am I going to do with him!
I hope you enjoyed my bargains.

Prim Blessings,

July 17, 2011

Have I ever mention .......

That I know how to make stained glass. I haven't made any in a while but I'm getting my garage ready to start again.My hubby and kids gave me private stained glass classes for Mothers Day a few years back. Here are a couple pieces I made.
orange flower sun catcher

This is my very first one I made.

I love all the bold colors in my first piece. My teacher told me I definitely wasn't afraid of color....lol
I also thought I would share pictures of all my different pieces of glass that I have. Here are just a few pieces. Believe me I have a lot of glass that I need to get moving on.
orange,yellow and green in the sun
black glass
Black glass almost has a mirror affect to it. You can barely see thru it. I bought this to make ladybugs with. You can also see the orange and yellow behind it.
blue and purple in the sun
lime green in the sun

blue,green and purple in the sun

red glass
  I hope you enjoyed all  the colors. I will share more later.

Prim Blessings,

July 10, 2011

~Doodle Bunny~

Just a quick post to share my "Doodle Bunny" that I made this weekend. I got the pattern of her over at The Moonlit Stitch. Lisa has a free cute pattern of Doodle Bunny just waiting for you to make her or him. Let me share my Doodle Bunny.
Doodle Bunny
I used watered down tan paint to finish mine with and while she was still wet. I sprinkled cinnamon all over her and lightly it rubbed in. Then placed her in the oven for about 5 or so minutes at 250 degrees. Then I painted her face on her. This is just a temporary dress I made for her. I'm just not feeling the polka dots.

                    Prim Blessings,

July 8, 2011

~A Few More Things Added~

Just wanted to share a few things I added to my room. I added the purple shelf thingy.
I have the cherry and the little witchy dude( as I like to call him) from Lisa at The Moonlit Stitch and my scarecrow from the Salvation Army and my Boyd mouse in a pumpkin. I'll probably change things soon but this is what I have there for now.
I also redid my orange and black shelf. Well actually all I did was add some walnut stain.
shelf before

shelf after
I think it looks a lot better now. All I just have to figure out what to put on it. I also wanted to share a picture of my black cat I did for my room. I forgot to take a before picture. It was a solid white cat but now he is my black cat. He will be the protector of my room along with the other 3.....lol
black cat
As you can see in the picture above. Pandora is always in my room. She just loves her red blanket in the window. When Pandora isnt in my room. Nekko is usually stretched out where he doesnt need to be.

So I told him he had to move. So he moved to this position.
Then I had to tell him that wasn't working for me either. So he gave me this look while stretching.
So I finally was able to get him to move but not far.
I was happy with where he moved too. I was actually able to get to my sewing machine finally. As you can see in the first picture I had plenty to sew. So I figured before I would get started I would get myself a refreshing drink. Boy! was that a big mistake. When I came back, Autumn claimed my chair in my craft room.
She looked so comfy. I couldn't disturb her. So I just gave up. My cats won the battle this time. So I ended up going up and watching tv instead. It wasn't a very productive day to say the least.....lol

Prim Blessings,