June 5, 2011

~Some Weekend Goodies~

Saturday I didn't go to many yard sales. Maybe 3 to 4 at the most. I just wasn't really in the mood to go bargain hunting. How odd is that. Not in the mood to go bargain hunting. I guess you have those days.
Well I went to this one yard sale. She had 3 tables marked 25 cents each or 5 for $1.00. I took advantage of the 5 for $1.00. I got a greenhouse set and my daughter got a mug plus these other items for only $2.00.
candy dish
6 doilies  

round table cloth
I'm going to tea stain the doilies and table cloth. Then I found these other 2 items across the road.
I just love this little bench. Its even better when you find them unfinished. This will be going in my fall room. Wonder what color I will paint it. Hhhhhhmmmmm....
I also found this perfect rusty grater.
rusty grater
It is going to look so good in my kitchen. I love it when neighbors get together and have yard sales.
Up the road from my house was this big yard sale and I found these 2 items.

picture frame
I just bough this for the frame. It is already a mustard color and has black speck. All it needs is a little primitive touch. Print inside will find a new home.
pineapple mold

This pineapple mold was just yelling for me to buy it. It was screaming Pantry Cake. Isn't it going to make a beautiful pantry cake? I can't wait to make one. I'll share a pic as soon as I do. Which will hopefully be this week.
I also went to a antique mall with Julie today. I found some cute stuff. I love going to this one dealer booth. He has a bookcase full of $1.00 items and here is what I found on it today.
3 canning jars with metal lids
crayon box
other end of crayon box
humidor jar
and my other goodies were this little broom and a future shoo fly cover. I think the broom is so cute and it will look perfect hanging in my fall room.


future shoo fly cover
I hope you enjoyed my goodies I found this weekend.

I went to the flea market today to fill my shelving unit. My sales are really down. I just made enough to pay my rent with $6.00 to spare. I am going to pull out of the flea market.My last day is June 27th. Yard sales are really hurting the flea markets. I cant see wasting money on it if Im going to just make my rent.I don't have the extra money to spare.
When I was filling my shelves I notice something was missing from 2 of my creations.
Whats Missing?

They stole my rusty stars. So I brought them home with me. How petty is that to steal 2 rusty stars?
I just don't have any luck with selling in flea markets. I must have a sign saying "Please steal from Me!"on my booth that I just can't see. I actually think I might be done with flea markets for a while. I might try selling online. A selling blog or Etsy. I'm really not sure yet.
Thanks for stopping by.

                                         Prim Blessings,


Raspberry Lane Primitives said...

My vote is a selling blog or etsy or both!! sorry about the rusty stars....

Angela said...

Good evening Patti, Wow even tho you didn't go to many sales, you got some great finds..I love everything, but the stool, the wooden crayon box,the jars with rusty lids, and the pineapple mold are my favorite. Can't wait to see the pantry cake, that will be perfect. Who would steal rusty stars? That's so bad! Sorry business is bad there for you, but hearing so much of that with the state of the economy now. Maybe a new venue will open soon. Have a great evening.

Raspberry Lane Primitives said...

message me so I can send you something!!! :)

Raspberry Lane Primitives said...

oooops forgot to say...message me with your addy...ps love your new goodies...esp that pineapple mold...how big is it? I gotta find one of those!

TheCrankyCrow said...

For not doing many, you made many a good deals!! Yikes!! I love the bench - the old canning jars - the crayon box - the broom - the shoo fly - and I KNOW I'm gonna love what comes out of that pineapple mold!! Woo Hoo!! Wish we had yard sales like that around here...pretty much kids clothing...thanks, no thanks....I would love for you to do a selling blog or Etsy!! Yea for us! Bummer about the stars....who would be so low...Geez....Hope you have a wonderful Sunday! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin (Lemon balm planted....looking kinda sickly....we got hot here quick....hope it comes back!!)

Raspberry Hill Crafts said...

I am having my second yard sale...the last one was about 6 yrs ago. We see some folk have them every year and I get the feeling they go and buy stuff at other sales or where do they keep getting the stuff. I think your finds are great. I go to flea markets and the last one I saw someone trying to get something priced at a quarter for a dime...a quarter thats all. the stall holder just laughed. I'm having a yard sale this weekend, I have a few nice things and If I don't get a good price they'll be going back in the basement. I say do the blog or Etsy store, don't give up, even with this economy there are still folk out there with plenty money. And as for the stealing thing thats disgusting..

jennifer768 said...

You found some great goodies !Love the little stool and the crayon box ! The canning jars are a nice find.Sorry about your sells and I can not understand why someone feels the need to steal . It is just bad all the way around,shame on them. Hugs,Jen

Lois--Huckleberry Lady said...

Hi Patti,
Sorry to hear your sales aren't good. And then to steal your stars!!!! Your candy dish....my mother must have broken the lid, as that's my dad's soup bowl!!!! lol I have a little bench like that in the basement that needs sanded. Mine was painted!!!

Loretta said...

Patti, you found quite a bit at those few sales! The stool is darling and I love the little broom. Isn't it pitful that someone would steal two stars off your items! How rude! Know you will make the right decision to sale your items. Wishing you all the best. Hugs!

The Moonlit Stitch said...

You sure have an eye for great finds Patti! All great stuff! Does the stealing have anything to do with the management? I know it happens, but that really upsets me. You know you want that etsy shop! LOL! A selling blog would be great - you are talented! ~*~Lisa

Rhodes Creations said...

Yeah, these days the only good thing you can sell at a Flea market is Fleas! It's hard to find a good place to sell your things...It's a dog eat dog world..Love, Laura