October 3, 2011

Prim By The Water Scavenger Hunt Clue 6 and Upcoming Giveaway!!!!

Janice over at Prims By The Water is having a Halloween scavenger hunt where everyday for 10 days she will post a clue & you must figure out the clue and then you post a picture of it.  

Clue #6

Often you can see Me
Straight Through
Sometimes you hear me Singing
Bippety Boppity BOO!
Here is my picture
Janice will randomly draw one name from those who find all 10 items. Drawing to be held October 10th.
The winner will receive all of the following!
      A Pack of 3 Candy corns
       Halloween Pillow
       Wool Black Cat.
        Handmade by Janice.

For some exciting news. I am getting very close to my 100th post and followers. 
I am planning something fun.
So keep your eyes open. Hopefully I will be posting it soon for today makes my 98th post. I am also at 96th followers.

Prim Blessings,


lilraggedyangie said...

Love your ghostie ! I m gonna start callin ya quick draw lol Congrats on the upcoming milestone post how exciting ! Have a great day ! hugs lilraggedyangie

Rachel said...

Your ghost is adorable! Congrats on the posts & the followers! :O) Hope you have a great night!

TheCrankyCrow said...

Cute, cute, ghostie Patti....Beat us all again...Happy spooking! Smiles & Hugs!~ Robin