March 1, 2012

Boy! Have I been busy....

Hey everyone, I didn't realize I have been gone for almost 2 weeks. Time really flies when your having fun. Well some of it was fun. Let me give you a little run down of what I have been up too. Last time I posted I was working on my tissue box dolls. Well I still have one to finish. I did find good homes for 2 of them. I gave them as gifts.
 I made her a sweet bouquet of flowers to hold.
I made the flowers from muslin. The yellow and blue flowers I tinted using decorating chalk and the orange one, I just dyed some muslin orange and garnished it with a purple glass bead.  Unfortunately I didn't get a pic of the other one. I cant believe I forgot to get a  pic.Well actually yes I

Well in the process of sewing the dolls bonnets, I accidentally  sewed my finger instead. Yes, I said my finger.
 It really wasn't that bad. Surprisingly it didn't really hurt until hubby started to clean it up for me. Unfortunately I broke the needle in my sewing machine and I didn't have any extra. So my sweet hubby actually went to Joann's for me and bought me some new sewing needles.  Wasn't that so sweet of him? After about 2 hours I was back to sewing.

I have also been working on making some pantry cakes out of wax.

 Here I have some of them looking all pretty and primitive. I just love how they turned out and most of all how they smell.
Grunged up pineapples
more pantry cakes

and even more

choc bunny

choc eggs
I also made these cute chocolate looking bunnies and eggs out of wax that smells just like the real thing. They almost smell good enough to eat.

I have also been working one a new selling blog "Jager Hollow Primitives". Hopefully I'll have it up and running soon. Wish me

                                   Prim Blessings,


jennifer768 said...

Ouch!I can't believe that finger did not hurt much. Love all the things that you have been busy making!It was so sweet of your hubby to go get more needles for you.Hugs,Jen

The Moonlit Stitch said...

PATTI! You you have been busy! Your pantry cakes look awesome and the doll and the flowers are precious. Your finger looks painful - you are brave! Can't wait to visit Jager Hollow! ~*~Lisa

Anonymous said...

I love how the tissue doll turned out and the muslin flowers are great. Very creative idea. I love all the pantry cakes you made. They look good enough to eat. Wish I had smell a vision. Hope your finger heals up ok, that must have hurt. Can't wait to see your new blog.
Country at heart

Prims By The Water said...

Ouch...I'm glad you are ok. Love your pantry cakes and grungy pineapples. Let me know when you selling blog is up and running. Take care, Janice

Angie Berry said...

Ouch, that hurts. Wow, you have been busy! I can't believe you tint the muslin with chalk, what a neat concept!! They look great. I love the purple glass bead in the orange flower, such neat detail.

Yes, your pantry cakes are pretty and prim. Love the huge pineapples! The chocolate bunny and eggs have got to be real chocolate, I can't believe that is wax. Just looking at them is making me crave chocolate, lol.

Best wishes on your selling blog~

Lois--Huckleberry Lady said...

OUCH!!! I can't imagine!! Glad it didn't slow you down!!!
Yes, those chocolate bunnies look good enough to eat...they're wax???? Are you sure??? lol
Congrats on your new selling blog.

Robin at The Primitive Hutch said...

Love all your wonderful creations!!!
I bet your kitchen smells divine!!
Happy crafting!
Prim Blessings