August 21, 2013

My 1890 Farmhouse

Hey Everyone, Sorry I have been gone for so long. I haven't  realized how long it has been since my last post. A lot has changed since then. My family and I have just started a new journey in our lives this July. We rented an old 1890 stone farmhouse.

It has a lot of potential. Its a shame the owners left it sit empty for a1 and 1/2 years. We did do some cleaning up outside. I planted a few flowers in the front flower bed that I moved with us. That is just a winter over place for them right now. I just wish I had a roof over my front porch.

So I will be doing a lot more posting of DIY projects and make overs. Every room gets one. I just cant wait to show you the before and after pics. Im also getting back into my crafting. So you will get to see some of my projects I make for the house and yard.

Just a little fill in on the house. 4 bedrooms,1 and 1/2 bath, living room, a large eat in kitchen, hall closet, foyer with stairs leading to a little landing, back stairs leading to the kitchen. 2 side porches, upper side porch or balocny ( whatever you want to call it) and a craft room twice the size I had before. My little piece of The house also sits on about 3 to 4 acres. We also have a lot planned for the yard next summer too. A vegetable garden, butterfly garden and so much more. I just cant tell all my plans yet. You have to wait and see what they are. ;)

To be honest, I am getting so excited about decorating the house for the Fall/Halloween outside. I have soooo many idea and pinterest isnt making it any
                                                               ~♥~ Patti


Margaret said...

Hi Patti! Congratulations on your new home! I LOVE it! You'll have so much fun decorating for Fall! I havestarted already! Can't wait to see all your projects! Maggie/Maggie's Lil' Fixins

Loretta Thomas said...

Okay, now you have me excited...What a nice place! I just know you will handle her gently and make her beautiful! Waiting to see your masterpiece...

The Moonlit Stitch said...

Love that pic of your house Patti! Like your new background too! The front w/o a porch almost reminds me of a saltbox. Can't WAIT to see your projects...don't keep us in suspense! ~*~Lisa

Wendy @ Ravenwood Whimzies said...

What a lovely old much potential to be a real show place!