February 28, 2011

~Pics of My Furkids~

I wanted to share some pictures of my 3 furkids. The first furkid is Neko. He has been with us for about 5 years. He was dropped off along with his 2 litter mates and mom. Then one day his family disappeared leaving him behind. He hung around our house for a while. I tried on numerous occasions to catch him but he wouldn't give in. So I took it one day at a time until I could feed him by hand. It took about a couple of months before I earned his trust. I'll never forget the day we brought him inside. It was in early November and it was raining. My son was home from school sick. All he could do is worry about the poor kitty getting wet. So I told him to get some rest and we would talk more when he woke up. While he was sleeping., I went outside in the pouring down rain to get the kitten. He actually let me pick him up. Brought him in the house and took him to my sons room and placed him in bed beside my son. Neko must of been about 12 weeks old. Thats how I came to get him.

My second furkid is Pandora. She came from the newspaper ads under Free Kittens. When  my daughter Julie and I arrived to choose a kitten. Julie and I only had 3 kittens to choose from. There were 2 black ones and one yellow tabby. We pretty much left her pick us. Being in such a hurry to get her .We forgot our cat carrier. So the woman had a tomato box with its lid. So we punched holes all over the box and placed her in it. Before we left the woman told me that she called her Pandora. We planned on changing her name anyways to Jinx. Well on the way home , She kept trying to get out of the box. Then I said Pandora really  wants out of that box. Well we joked around about the Pandora and box myth for a while. Then my daughter said Lets keep her name Pandora. So we did. Pandora has been with us for 2 years.
My last furkid is Autumn. She was a feral kitten. It took my sister and I three very long days to catch her.  I'll never forget that day. It was a cold day in September 2010. She kept hiding under a building everytime we went near her. So we sat a live trap and that didn't work. So we finally decided to trap her in the building. We actually had to net her to catch her. I felt so bad doing that but I really wanted her and she deserved to be in a home where someone loved. Since we caught her, the owner of the property paid to have her spayed and her shots. So it has been a  journey with her. She still is shy  and some what timid but she is slowly coming around.Autumn has been with us 5 months. She was only about 3 moths old when she came to us.



Hillcresthome Prims said...

I love your blog and i joined it right away, I am we have all in common. I love to collect primitives and colonial pieces!
I LOVE your fur babies!! They are beautiful.

I hope you stop by my blog and join and check it out and by the way i love the title of your BLOG!!!!

Prim Blessings,

Rhodes Creations said...

Love your kitties...I love cats too! Thanks for joining my blog, too. Laura

Judy said...

Your cats are so pretty love the marking on Autumn.

Patti said...

Thanks Judy!

Carmen at Primcats said...

Awwwwwww... my heart melts. :) Beautiful babies!

You know I luvs me some kittehs!!!!

Carmen and the Primcats