January 22, 2012

Been A While......

I know it has been a while since my last post. I can't believe this is my first post since 2012 has rolled around. Shame on me. I really haven't been doing any crafting lately. I have been spending all that time cleaning my craft room. Let me tell you it looked like a hurricane hit it. Let me show you exactly what I am talking about.

I told you it was terrible. You can barely see the floor. I have been working on this room for a month to get it in the shape it in is now. I donated some stuff to the salvation army and threw 2 bags of trash away. I am such a pack rat.

Now let me share my clean craft room with you.
I went to Wal Mart and bought another bookcase to help with some storage issues. I was really surprised with how much stuff I got on them.
I took my spice organizer that I had in storage and put that baby to use. I  used jelly jars and small candle jars to hold items I didn't have much of.
Beside the bookcase on the wall I hung 2 heart hooks with storage bags I bought at the Dollor Tree to hold my spanish moss in one and the other one is still empty for now. On the floor I have some boards and picture frames.
Then there is my small pink storage unit I bought in the clearance section of Wal Mart during the summer. That even has an empty drawer but Im sure Ill fill it up soon....lol
Then you have my dresser that I store most of my fabric in along with my paint carousel. My daughter Julie wasn't using her tv, So she is letting me borrow it. 
Sorry this picture isnt all that great. Its my cork board and my stand my dad made which is holding my paint brushes,spray paint and other stuff.. I just love my sign. It was a gag gift a few years back.
I have to admit. I really do like it....lol Hubby and I joke around about it. He calls the garage his Man Cave and I call my craft room my Bitch Cave.

I have a few boxes and a blue tote sitting around my room which hold more fabric and my felt. I hung my cutting board on the wall with another heart hook. My ugly gold floor lamp which is getting a new look this spring.
Behind the cabinet door is my electric panel. I hung a silver towel holder that I got at the Salvation Army for 75 cents to use to hang my fat quarters and fabric remnants that I have already washed and ironed.
Here is a little closer look. Just an expensive way to store some things. 
All I used was the old fashion silver shower hooks with some name badge holders. They both are very inexpensive and you can get them also at Wal Mart.
I got rid of my larger table and replaced it with Nikkis old computer desk.I already sanded it down. All I need to do is get it painted but Im in no big hurry. I even bought new curtains. Hubby made me a shelf so I can store my sewing basket and sewing machine.
More great storage in my hutch. Its amazing how much stuff this thing holds.
 My peg board has really came in handy. I was thinking about adding another piece over by the tv. Its not for the sheds and garages any more. Just paint it and you have a fashionable piece of storage.
My Need Painted tote. I fill it up with things that need painted. I took the other stuff that needs painted out to the garage until I get this one empty. Then Ill just keep filling it up until I get everything painted. I must of took about 3 boxes and 2 totes of stuff that needs painted out to the garage. I told you I was a pack rat....lol
I hung a peg rack to hang my stencils on. I punched a hole in the corner of the stencil and then hung it on silver shower hooks. I hung about 4 to 6 stencils per hook. Then I have a storage bag holding the ones I couldn't hang. I even hung a coat rack on the back of my door for extra storage. I just have some berry garlands hanging on it.
 It is so nice to actually be able to see that I have an ugly carpet under all that mess.....lol

 While I was hard at work cleaning my room. I took notice that Pandora must of been trying to keep a close eye on me. She was hiding in the waste basket. She must of wanted to play James Bond or something. 
Peek-a-Boo! I see you!!!
Lets just hope that I can keep it this clean for a while. Im not holding my breath on that one.....lol

                                       Prim Blessings,


The Moonlit Stitch said...

I am not worthy! I am not worthy! Patti girl, you really went to town. Now I have to get in gear - you've inspired me! Pandora is so cute! Have a great week~*~Lisa


Wow, you do have a lot of stuff, it is looking good. I need to buy some more storage items too. Pandora is just too cute!

colleens craft shed said...

Wow , you have done a wondeful job with your room. Mine still looks like your before pictures! You have inspired me to start mine.

Karen~The Barely There Primitive Bear said...

Wow, it looks wonderful! I wouldn't to get anything out to mess it up, after all that work! What a cute kitty!


Lois--Huckleberry Lady said...

Wow, you really cleaned up!!!! I need to get back to my storage room and clean like that!!!!! But I think I need more storage units to put all the stuff that's laying back there. Pandora is cute peeking out of the wastebasket!!!!
Have a great week,


Hillcresthome Prims said...

Patti, I am so happy you posted. You sure did an awesome job on your craft room!!! It looks fabulous. Now you can start crafting but please don't throw that cutie pie kitty away I see in the trash can, LOL!What a doll!!

Have a wonderful day and PLEASE post soon. I love to read your blog!!!
Hugs and Happy crafting,

Angela said...

Well Patti, since you are on the roll and know how it is done, could I interest you in visiting and doing the same thing for my craft room? I keep putting it off and I know I have to do it before I begin crafting again. Pandora is too cute. Good to see you posting again.

Prims By The Water said...

You made me tired just looking at the pics of your redo...whew...can't show Bob this post or he will have me cleaning up my spare room. lol ..sooner or later I will have to tackle my own tornado..later though..I need to catch up on my blog reading. Take care, Janice. PS you did a great job though..do you hire out?

Angie Berry said...

Holy Moly girl, that's quite a transformation! Sad to say, but my area looks like your before pictures. Where do you start?! It is all so overwhelming that I just stand there looking at it all, then leave, lol! I do plan to buy a couple more storage unit pieces then I plan to get my rear in gear. I want to be able to see my floor like you can see yours, haha! You have come up with lots of great ideas for different pieces! Thanks for sharing all your tips. I better bookmark this page so I can come back cause I know I will forget.

Happy Crafting in your "new" room~