January 24, 2012

A Losing Battle......

Now that I have my craft room all neat and clean. Pandora is trying her best to take it over. Every time I go in there. She is in my chair sleeping.

 She stretched out on the floor or
     sitting in the window.

  No matter where she is at in my room. She always makes sure I dont get any crafting done.
As soon as I sit down in my chair. She jumps up in front of me on the table, lays down and gives me the "Don't think about it" look.
Then when I start to tell her she has to move her chubby furry butt. She just turns her head and ignores me.  Like "Yeah Right!"
So I give in and let her stay hoping I will bore her. That didn't work She gets up and starts to sniff  the pattern I'm working on. Then after sniff it for a second or two.
 She plops her chubby furry front paws on it. Like there is no crafting going on in this room.
So I gave up and left her win the battle THIS time. I'll be ready for you the next time my chubby  fur ball.

                                   Prim Blessings,


Lois--Huckleberry Lady said...

Toooo cute, Patti. I think all cats are like that. I had a few like Pandora!!!!

Carmen and the Primcats said...

Oh how adorable! Pandora is clearly a wonderful helper. Good Kitteh!!!

Carmen and the Primcats

Angie Berry said...

Oh my goodness Patti, my miniature schnauzer is the exact same way! No matter what I'm doing, he has to stick his nose right in my face. When I ignore him, then he puts his paw on whatever I'm working on. I keep ignoring him and he swats it out of my hand, lol. I was laying in front of the fireplace trying to read and comment on blogs yesterday and he was cracking me up... WALKING on my laptop, hitting the keys, pawing at my hands as I was trying to type. They sure are rascals, aren't they?! It's a good thing they are so stinking adorable is all I have to say!

Have a wonderful week~