July 23, 2011

A Free Site for Selling Blogs Cont......

I guess I should of also mentioned that a blog with a selling page is also allowed or you can just sell a few  items on your blog. If you would like to do this. Just add a page to your blog and make it your selling page . Best thing about a selling page on your blog is that you can sell anything you want. You don't have to have a lot of item. You could just add your items as you make them. You can build a selling page at your own pace and it doesn't cost you anything plus your advertising would also be free. There is my favorite word again FREE......lol I know selling on Ebay can be expensive and Esty prices arent bad but you have to stick in their guide lines on what you sell.
I was also thinking that a lot of us have Facebook ,Twitter and Google +. We can place our selling blog button on there to get a boost in advertising. If you have any questions. Please feel free to email me at primitiveatheart@gmail.com.
Please read the post below.
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Stacy said...

This is a great idea! Exactly what I have been looking for. I will be working on my selling page and adding the link. Thank you so much:)
Have a wonderful day~Stacy