March 14, 2011

Home and Garden Show

Doug and I attended the 17th Annual Home and Garden Show at our local community college on Saturday. It wasn't too bad of a show. A lot of beautiful and expensive things. Just about everything thing you could imagine. I wish I could say I had a good time, but I really didn't. It was over crowd and the people were so rude. I couldn't turn around without someone bumping into me or running into me with a wheelchair. I didn't even get one excuse me or I'm sorry. Some booths were small and over crowded with stuff that you could hardly move around. Doug and I couldn't go in a booth together because of being over crowded. I did manage to find a  few things that I liked. Doug tried to take some pictures of all the beautiful floral arrangements they had on display but people would walk right in front of you and stand. We would  say excuse me but they just ignore you. Why do people have to be so rude???  I have been going to this show for the past few years and it has never been this bad.
Here are a few pictures of the floral arrangements made by some of the local florist. They really out did their selves.

Here are some pictures of my findings for the day. I found a concrete bird in a nest, concrete bunny wall plaque, a stone that say "follow you heart" and 3 small house plants. The best part is I only spent $12.00.
The owner of the booth with all the concrete creations told me they could last all winter outside and not crack. To be honest, I'm gonna keep them in the house for part of my summer display. Their too cute to put in my yard.

                  Prim Blessings,

bird in a nest

3 bunny plaque
follow your heart
3 house plants

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