March 27, 2011

~Sewing Fool~

Is what hubby called me this weekend. I spent most of my time at the sewing machine. Take in mind, I'm not very good at sewing. I had to rip some seams out and redid them a few times. Then I realized I am making primitives. They don't have to be perfect. So here is what I have started. I'm planning on finishing everything tomorrow. I'm trying my hand at sunflowers,crows, funky watermelon slices,funky flowers,3d eggs, and a pin cushion. I'll post them when I finish tomorrow.

                                                                     Prim Blessings,

sunflowers and crows

sunflower,eggs( I already made 6 and stuffed them),watermelon slices

More carrots

pin cushion


The Moonlit Stitch said...

Oh how I love work in progress pictures! You go girl! Don't rip out your seams! Everything is perfectly prim. That's why I don't sew clothes...the zipper goes in upside down, one arm is longer than the other & interfacing will drive me insane! Hope you are having fun!! ~*~Lisa

Judy said...

Hey everything looks great.Can't wait to see the finished projects.

renee said...

Don't be so hard on yourself! I still have some of my "firsts"! It all takes time, and it's learning and making do!
I'll bet they turn out great!
Have a good week Patti!