April 1, 2011

~Sorry I'm Late~

Sorry I have been MIA. I haven't been feeling well for the past week. I have an infection in my left lymph node in my neck. I'm feeling a lot better now since I have been taking antibiotics.You know something must be really wrong when you don't feel like crafting.....lol  Enough about me being sick. Now to the fun part. I really enjoyed making the sunflowers and crows. I also made a blue coneflower but  I forgot to grung it. I have no idea how I did that. I'll post its pic this weekend. I plan on making  more sunflowers,crows, coneflowers, and daisies this weekend. They are a lot easier to make than I thought. I also made some plain jane eggs and more carrots. It is really amazing what you can do with a piece of fabric. The options are endless.

                                              Prim Blessings ,

eggs and carrots


Judy said...

Hi,Love everything your sunflowers I love.Great job hope you keep feeling better.

Raspberry Lane Primitives said...

Great job Patti! Hope you're feeling better soon...I've been dying to find a handled tray like yours but they seem to be sooo expensive where I'm looking...

renee said...

Oh I am sorry you have been under the weather! I hope that you bounce back quick! I am doing alright, hanging in there, waiting for Spring to get here sometime! I like your creations, they look wonderful! I am sure you could still grunge that coneflower.
Fabric is a wonderful thing.
Have a great weekend.