April 16, 2011

~Dried Oranges Part 2~

I just thought I would also add how to do oranges in the oven just in case you don't have food dehydrator.
Place on wire racks which have been placed on cookie sheets in a 150 degree oven. Dry for about 6 hours, turning over if edges start to curl. When dried, they should be pliable.
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Linda ★ Parker's Paradise said...

I just do them on a cookie sheet-200'-turn over after a few hours. shut the oven off. remove when cool.
I peel a bag of oranges. freeze the oranges in a zip lock bag to use to feed the birds. Orioles and bluebirds love them. I spread the peelings out on a cookie sheet and dry the same way. These are great additives to pot pourri.
I hammer a nail into a post or a tree and carefully push the orange onto the nail. bugs will be attracted but bluebirds love bugs, too.