April 13, 2011

~More Goodies~

I went to the Salvation Army again today. I had a doctors appointment today and the Salvation Army just happen to be right down the street from his office. So I thought I would take a look to see  if anything new was put out. I found a jar candle hanger, a house peg holder, and a neat pitcher. All I spent was $5.00 today.
The jar candle hanger was only $.50. Not too bad.
The house peg was $.50. I'm going to repaint it.
My pretty pitcher was only $4.00. It had a bowl that went with it but it had a huge crack down the side of it. You could actually see through the crack. They were asking $8.00 for both. I asked the asst manager if she would sell them separate. She told me no. I proceeded to tell her the bowl had a big crack in it. So she just went ahead and gave it to me for $4.00.  It was hand made somewhere in Texas. This thing is large and heavy.
It so large that I can actually fit a liter of soda in it. I hope everyone enjoyed my little shopping spree.

                                   Prim Blessings,

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SantaClaus said...

WOW - you did great!