April 12, 2011

~Flea Market~

I just wanted to thank those you gave me some very good advice. I called the flea market today and I spoke with the asst manager again. I told who I was and she started to laugh and said I still haven't found any room for you yet. (I'm so glad I'm amusing her.) Then she started to say "Call me back next week". I told her instead of me keep calling you. How about you just gives me a call when you get a space for me.  Then all of a sudden she said. I have a shelving unit in the front of the store your more than welcome to use until a booth comes available. Its located right  in front of the cashiers office. So I told I would be there tomorrow to look at the shelving unit. The price is reasonable. The only problem I have with their shelves is they are about 6 feet tall. I'm only 5'4". So if  I have a hard time reaching the top. Which I know I will. Them most of the customers will too. Plus people hardly ever look up. I have a lot of stuff that I rather have hanging than sitting flat one a shelf. I'll just wait until tomorrow to make a decision. Sorry I'm rambling. Its just so aggravating.
Just thought I would share a picture of my big boy "Nekko".
 Prim Blessings,                                                    


Loretta said...

He looks comfortable. You have a rather handsome young man there! Luv-Loretta

Traci said...

Hi Patti... I thought you had stole my cat, LOL.. Nekko looks exactly like my kitty, Gary...

Blessings, Traci

The Moonlit Stitch said...

Patti - maybe you could use permanent or seasonal decor on the top to "draw" customers...pip berry garland, a sign with your name on it...then have your wares for sale on the lower shelves. Just put a small tag on it "items on top shelf not for sale-display only"? Just a thought - good luck with your endeavor! It may be worth all your work! ~*~Lisa