April 10, 2011

~I Need Your Opinion~

I called a local flea market and asked if they had any available spaces back in February. The lady at the flea market asked what I would be selling? I told her primitives. She said Really! because we have a lot of people asking for primitive and we have only 2 dealers that sale it. She proceeded to ask me more details about what kind of primitives. I told I make pretty much everything myself. I also like to refurbish stuff and give it an aged look. She went on to saying that I would be the only one in the flea market to sell that kind of stuff.  She would just love for me to sell there.The other 2 dealers sell only wholesale nothing handmade. I'm thinking "Wow! I could really do good here." See I'm selling at another flea market right now. I have more stuff stolen and than sold. I have had $200.00 worth of stuff stolen so far. I am pulling everything out as of April 15th.
 Sorry! Back to the other flea market. She then said I have no available spaces right now. I am full. I thanked her for her time and everything was ready to hang up then she said wait. People are really wanting primitives and you have what they want. We both could benefit from this. I'm like yes we could. She said give me a week and I'll see what I can do to get you in here. I was fine with that. She told me to call back next week and I did so. Still no opening. She told me call back the following week and I did. Still no opening or room yet found for me. I'm like ok. So week after week  I called. I am really  trying to be patient but my patients are starting to wear a little thin. I has been about 6 weeks weeks now and no room or space for me yet. I am thinking I should just give up and start a selling blog. What do you think?

                                                Prim Blessings,


Wendy @ Ravenwood Whimzies said...

Hi Patti-I bet you ARE getting frustrated. I would call back one more time and tell her you need to get into a shop soon, and would like it to be hers. If she doesn't offer space then and there, say, well...I will have to look elsewhere and in the meantime tell HER to call you if/when she has space. If she really cares, she WILL call you back. You can start a selling blog, but I would go to Etsy instead. It is sometimes very hard to get people outside of 'blogland' to find your selling blog...but Etsy is more known, and therefore it is easier for people to find your items. The costs are quite nominal to have a shop. Good luck - let us know what you decide!

Prairie Patch said...

I agree with what Wendy wrote. Let the woman know you're going elsewhere, but to indeed let her know just in case a space becomes available. In the meantime, just keep making stuff, cuz you never know...you might want to do both!

As to Etsy, you can really get lost in the thousands are artisans on there, so why not do both, as many are doing - have a selling blog and sell on Etsy.

Can't put all your eggs in one basket is what I've learned these several years of making a living online.


Jessica @BeforeTheDawn said...

I would try Etsy AND a selling blog. The selling blog is free with blogger anyway, so if it doesn't work out at least it didn't cost you out of pocket.

I also agree with the above comments. It sounds like this lady wants you, but at the same time it is very disheartening to call every week just for her to tell you there's still no space. (I can't believe people would steal homemade items from you or anyone! I know the economy sucks right now, but that is ridiculous, karma will bite them back.)

Raspberry Lane Primitives said...

I'd call her back one more time...a lot of times they will accept a few things and sell them at the front counter...you could give her some small prims like dolls, etc to try out...if they sell well she may offer you a spot.
How are they stealing? Are you at the booth or it is a co-op where you don't have to be there?....I'd also do a selling blog and ETSY...you can sell stuff on FB too.
Good luck!